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I am a wellness and nature enthusiast!  I am married and have a daughter, a son-in-love, and two young grandsons.  I love going for walks near trees and water and making/eating delicious food.

I used to struggle with disordered eating, craving sweets and never feeling satisfied after meals. ​As a Nutritionist, I was embarrassed that eating a healthy diet wasn't getting it done. ​ I wanted to feel better.

Then a friend introduced me to Shaklee nutrition – starting with the foundation of a multivitamin and a protein. ​ After taking just the multivitamin, I immediately felt better, and my daughter said, "You're a lot nicer now that you're taking those vitamins!" ​ I am so grateful to have more energy and to feel more calm. 

I appreciate the Immunity Challenge pack products now more than ever; I no longer suffer from seasonal allergies, and I feel secure knowing that I have a strong immune system.  My other current favorites are Stress Relief Complex, MindWorks, and the entire Get Clean line.   

As I used more Shaklee products, I shared them with other people and got mine for free; eventually I was earning some extra money.  I worked in another business with my daughter for awhile and have recently come back to Shaklee because people really need these products and opportunity. 

I've always wanted to find a way to live a life that I was able to design. Unfortunately, as life threw me some curveballs, I realized this was easier said than done.

I love my full-time job, but it provides just a portion of the finances I need for the future.  I am nearing retirement age, and I need supplemental income in order to live a sustainable lifestyle and enjoy financial peace.  I also want something that allows me to really make a difference long term.

I searched for quite some time to find an answer to my situation. It was during my search that I realized there are a lot of others just like me who are also searching for better options for making a living, but they usually end up getting sucked into Internet scams and online rabbit holes.

This is one of the reasons this site was created. I wanted to help others navigate the jungle the Internet has now become and share what I've learned about creating a lifestyle of personal freedom as an online entrepreneur.

I'm also looking to connect and work with like-minded people. And with the recent financial crisis, I feel that what I have to share is more important than ever.

If words like "Lifestyle Design" and "Reengineering your life" resonate with you, then you've come to the right place.

Whether your dream is escaping the 9-5 grind, enjoying real-life adventure travel, creating  supplemental income, or simply making a dramatic career change, this site will give you insight into the tools needed to make it a reality in the here-and-now instead of in your golden years, when you're too old to enjoy it.

If you'd like some guidance in your desire to find freedom as an online entrepreneur, we should connect. You can learn more about working with me here. 

I'm also a real and fairly 'normal' person...so feel free to stop by and friend me on Facebook

Thanks again for visiting my site and I hope I can help you create your ideal lifestyle of personal freedom.

Here's to your freedom! 

~Laurie Elian